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I'm alive and NEAL CAFFREY

I figured out it won't hurt to say hello, and let you know I'm alive :)
Also I seem to be over Heroes, but as I have to be obsessed with something, now it's Matt Bomer. Oh that man

And just in case you're interested in my non-SPN art, then you'd better follow me on DA, as it seems I won't appear here sooner than in another half year...

Too Sexy for My Skirt

It doesn't seem like the author needs it, but I've got so horny inspired by this fic that I couldn't stand it. Take it as a PR, if you haven't read it yet =)

"World Devoured" Art Post

Art-post for my prompt at Russian Reverse-Bang (yes, guys, fic is in Russian, no, it's not gonna be translated, sorry!)
A huge thanks to petite_madame for art-beta, and to maichan for advises

Everything's clickable :)

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RBB sequel ^^

*clickable and leads to the story by tebtosca*

A huge thanks to petite_madame for art-beta 

+ Full size

Big fat rec

First of all: IT'S NOT MINE!
Artist: Addie Dee

But it's kind of mine ^^ It was the art prompt for Russian BB-reverse, and I wrote a fic based on it. The artist is too modest, but
ISN'T IT GORGEOUS? Can anyone stand two Jareds, gah, TWO JAREDS! I say it's too much beauty for the universe ^^ And the age difference! And the way both of them are looking at Jensen! And younger!Jared's T-shirt is NSFW by itself! /running circles, spreading love/

So, if you feel like saying something nice about the art here, don't be shy, be sure the artist will see it =)

Let's draw wincest!

Because I heard way too many people whining there's not enough wincest art in the world! And we want more beautiful wincest art, DON'T WE?!

During the next month, starting from today. Posting will take place from May 1st to May 6th.

At drawincest (like at draw_jared)

Everyone is welcome! Any techniques, wherever your abilities and imagination leads, chibis, cartoons, anything goes, pretty much. As long as YOU drew it.
The only rule is to draw the beautiful irrational erotic co-dependence of the Winchester brothers.
However it has to be a new art never posted before, otherwise we'll find ourselves reposting the works everyone has already seen =)))

HOW TO SUBMIT: From this moment and up till the 6th May you can e-mail me to draw.jared at or send a PM with a picture/link to a picture, so that I could post it. Or you can wait and post it by yourself from 1st and up to 6th May. You can submit as many drawings as you like, and all of them will be posted. No limits! All I need is your username, and your Wincest drawing, and you're free to go wild with techniques and everything!

Let's rock it!
PR is highly appreciated <3