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I'm alive and NEAL CAFFREY

I figured out it won't hurt to say hello, and let you know I'm alive :)
Also I seem to be over Heroes, but as I have to be obsessed with something, now it's Matt Bomer. Oh that man

And just in case you're interested in my non-SPN art, then you'd better follow me on DA, as it seems I won't appear here sooner than in another half year...

"World Devoured" Art Post

Art-post for my prompt at Russian Reverse-Bang (yes, guys, fic is in Russian, no, it's not gonna be translated, sorry!)
A huge thanks to petite_madame for art-beta, and to maichan for advises

Everything's clickable :)

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Happy New Year!

Sorry, guys, I'm not quite in condition to talk properly after yesterday, so I just wish you everything as good as at Jays' on the picture (omg, I hope this sentence at least makes some sence >< ) ^^ Happy New Year!


Draw Jared & Jensen art

Followed by bad English rambling ^^
All previews are clickable.

Actually all I wanted was to post the scarf arts together JUST BECAUSE, but then I thought it would be nice to make here a storage for all the rest of arts for these projects, so here they are

Ref for Jared | Ref for Jensen

There was no idea behind the first - Jared - I just liked photo a lot, and wanted to lick it thoroughly. But then I've got a comment from kahell at draw_jared community saying "It's an Elven scarf! According to the ancient Elvish ceremony, Jared must throw it on Jensen's neck and lead Jensen to the burrow, so that the whole village would know whom he belongs to!". IT BLEW UP MY MIND. So. As you can see, Jensen was led to the burrow, the scarf is on it's place, and my brains are back on their's ^^

Used screencap as a reference, I'll add a link later from home
I have a thing for color lately

I just couldn't stand the screencap What the hell does this man do?! It's Illegal!

Inspired by amazing alicexz, I fell in love with her gallery from the first sight. The way she works with color is incredible and I had a lot of fun playing with this style... not speaking about the result =))

The ref for the pose is my own photo so I'll leave it to myself =))
I have to admit I love this one, and I'm pretty self-critical usually. The picture is illustration to the fic in Russian - sorry both English and Russian speakers for teasing, because it's in process and unpublished yet anyway. But author kindly allowed me to post the art on occasion

That's it!

Draw Jared Week

Now with the banner =)

Draw Jared Week is taking place between September 1st and September 8th.

The goal is to draw a picture of Sam or the actor who plays him, Jared Padalecki.

Why? Just because Jared is SO AWESOME, isn't he? Don't we want more art with Jared? Can there possibly ever be enough of it? No? Well then, GO and DRAW!

Check for details

"And if I forget, Dean..."

Warnings: wincest
Characters: Sam, Dean

Thanks a lot to secretlytodream for translation (originally written in Russian), and for her beta [info]gaelicspirit 

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And the main part is (clickable):

By amazing, amazing secretlytodream 
Run and watch NOW!